Speedqueen washer 14kg hardmount coin operated


The vended laundry business is changing. Owners today need the versatility to adapt quickly to fluctuations in operating expenses and customers’ needs. Features that a few years ago were considered luxuries are now essential components to doing business.

Speed Queen’s cutting-edge Quantum™ System gives owners the power to respond instantly to changes in order to maximize their store’s profitability. A Quantum™ Gold networked store is the ultimate in management ease, enabling owners to modify vend prices or cycles from the comfort of their own home or anywhere they have access to computer. Operations reports and machine data further assist with management and identifying any potential service problems.

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Quantum™ Gold Control

In addition to its net- work, and off-site management capabilities, Quantum™ Gold offers a total of 27 cycle combinations, 30 programmable water levels and customer-centric offerings such as a free “lucky cycle” for loyal customers. PC/PDA programming also is standard as is time-of-day pricing of up to a year in advance as well as a maximum extraction speed of 140 G-Force. The Quantum™ Gold control can interface with the store owner’s card reader supplier of choice.

Quantum™ Silver Control

Quantum™ Silver gives owners a variety of profit- producing features, including nine cycle combinations, multi-level vending and time-of-day pricing. Programming is easily accomplished through a PC or PDA via an infrared port on the control. Like Quantum™ Gold, the Quantum™ Silver control can interface with the store owner’s card reader supplier of choice.

Quantum Standard Control

For owners seeking basic management options, and ease of use for customers, Quantum™ Standard comes with four cycle selections and manual programming. It also offers a maximum extraction speed of 100 G-Force. Like all Quantum™ controls, Quantum™ Standard can interface with the store owner’s card reader supplier of choice.


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